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All-in-one Industrial Outdoor Lighting Module Small Lens ~ For more information, click me Oh!

Time: 2024-06-11    Author: 超级管理员    Source: 本站    Views: 8

Strive only for the day and night, not to be ashamed of. Hengzheng Optical brings you into the world of light, appreciate the charm of light! Unique optical design, craftsmanship to create each beam of light!

Hengzheng Optical, and new products, the new 12 in 1 matching 3030 lamp beads all-in-one lens, shock listing! We will launch 8-in-1 and 6-in-1 all-in-one lenses to match 5050 lamp beads.

The scope of application covers industrial lighting, outdoor street lamps, tunnel lights, floodlights and so on.

Detailed parameters are as follows ↓↓↓

 The point is, there are a lot of products with this structure on the market, after adding the glass to the whole lamp, it is difficult to achieve the TYPE Ⅱ, TYPE Ⅲ light type required by the customer. However, our products, according to the design requirements, the whole lamp plus glass test, basically can achieve the customer satisfaction of the light distribution.

 We never stop developing new products ......

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