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Kaistar: Focus on LED Automotive Lighting Market in the Next Two Years

Time: 2024-06-11    Author: 超级管理员    Source: 本站    Views: 9

In the past two years, with the continuous improvement of new technology and new materials in the LED industry, LED automotive lighting has gradually ushered in the best period of development, many Chinese local manufacturers through the layout of the automotive lighting supply chain, in particular, increased the layout of the front-loading market (OE-Original Equipment), will change the past domestic LED automotive lighting market was monopolised by the international giants in the unfavourable situation for many years.

In China's automotive lighting market, halogen and HID light source still occupy the majority of the share. The introduction of new products in the automotive lighting market is imminent, and LED light source because of its durability, high luminous efficacy, lightweight and easy to optical design and other superiority, the market outlook is promising. In addition, China's passenger car market for LED acceptance is also very high, especially when the lamps and lanterns can express the characteristics of the vehicle, is the car lamp factory initiative to import the motive. According to the TrendForce Tibbo Consulting's optoelectronic research centre LEDinside research data shows that in 2017, China's automotive lighting LED packaging market size reached $740 million, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 17%. Benefiting from the LED penetration rate continues to climb, it is expected that in 2018 China's automotive lighting LED packaging market size will reach $920 million. In this context, many domestic enterprises began to flock to the LED automotive lighting market, development crystal lighting (Xiamen) Co.

The next two years focus on LED automotive lighting

As China Electronics Group to build the core platform of the tens of billions of LED industry chain, its development touches the industry at all times to attract the attention of industry insiders. According to the development of crystal general manager Liu Xiuren introduction, "from the beginning of this year, we will focus on the layout of the LED automotive lighting field, and in the automotive lamp type has been a key breakthrough, its products are mainly located in two areas, one is the headlight part, through the citation of the flip-flop CSP in the automotive headlamps on the application; the second is the success of the COB modified into OLED + application, it is aimed at the automotive rear light market." It is understood that at present is the mainstream OLED on the market can only achieve the function of running lights, and the development of crystal OLED + can be achieved together with the brake light function, the price is more extremely advantageous, it can be said that it has achieved both a breakthrough in the cost, but also to achieve the innovation of the technical function. "This year, Kaistar has successfully entered the LED automotive lighting supply chain, and we have entered the LED headlight module end by investing in ODI Electric to achieve vertical integration from epitaxial to module. At present, we have cooperated with two domestic first-tier car makers, and there are about three headlamps of three car series adopting the products of Development Crystal, which are expected to be on the market in the first half of this year", Liu Xiu Ren stressed to LEDinside.

In fact, the development of crystal business scope covers the LED industry chain links in the epitaxial chip, packaging modules, lighting applications and other industrial chain, but from the beginning of the establishment has been focused on providing customers with complete solutions. Simple to understand is to give customers to do supporting programme design, this form can minimize the supply chain process, so that the enterprise comprehensive resources focused on the best chip and packaging technology, as well as optical design. It can be said that the development of crystal is as a role in the integration of the LED industry chain, its optical light source, light engine design combined with the upstream "epitaxial chip + packaging" strength, through the identity of the programme provider to give customers targeted solutions to the problem, to enable automotive factories, car lamp factory quickly pour into the corresponding products, both time and effort. In terms of LED automotive lighting field, the development of crystal more focused on light source optics and light engine processing. "Development crystal will not do not good at things, such as the development of lighting applications consumer lamps and lanterns market, the development of crystal will only focus on niche markets," said Liu Xiu Ren.

Thick accumulation of thin hair to face the market waves with ease

2011 has been seven years, by Taiwan's Epistar and mainland China Electronics' deep technology (Shenzhen Great Wall Development Technology Co., Ltd.) each group into the development of crystal, it is the West Coast of the Taiwan co-operation demonstration project, but also Xiamen City, a key investment in the construction project. Undeniably, the development of crystal development in the past few years has been very rapid, both in the epitaxial chip, packaging field, or in the field of downstream lighting application solutions. Especially at the end of last year, Wuxi Guolian became the first major controlling shareholder of the development of crystal after the development of crystal from the listing of the agenda is more imminent. The recent "trade war" between China and the U.S. can be said to be more and more intense, in the two countries in the enterprise wants to "safe escape" from the trade barriers, with perfect intellectual property layout is the key.

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