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The era of smart lighting 2.0 is coming How should LED companies lay out?

The era of smart lighting 2.0 is coming How should LED companies lay out?

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2018/03/14 14:55
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“Philips Hue is the era of intelligent lighting 1.5, and the intelligent lighting 2.0 era opened by tune technology is just like the process of wired telephone to wireless telephone. It is a complete experience and mature ecosystem. Intelligent lighting 2.0 era The product is a real consumption upgrade product, and it should be fool-smart and convenient while following people's habits.” Huang Xiaojun, founder and CEO of Tuning Technology, said in an interview with the China Economic Times.


Public data shows that by 2020, smart lighting will account for 20% of the global lighting market, and is expected to exceed the scale of 100 billion. Smart lighting will become the new blue ocean in the future market.


Smart lighting is Blue Ocean Market


"With the advent of the LED era, intelligent lighting has enormous opportunities for development, in terms of energy-saving, digital applications, and consumer upgrade experience," Huang Xiaojun said.


According to the “China Intelligent Lighting Industry Analysis Report” of the Industry Research Institute of Forward-looking Industry, the market size of the domestic smart lighting industry was approximately RMB 12.4 billion in 2016, a year-on-year increase of 23%. Smart LEDs will complete the iteration of the traditional lighting market and are therefore a must for the future.


In 2014, Huang Xiaojun set up a tune-up technology focused on intelligent lighting and central control systems, and officially entered the field of intelligent lighting. "Actually, before I started to tune in technology, I had done market research and LED digital applications must be an industry that will develop rapidly over the next decade."


In Huang Xiaojun's opinion, the Internet of Things is a promising industry for future development. Intelligent LED contains huge market potential. On the one hand, it is because of the great policy trend, and on the other hand, the lighting industry's “thinking” is slow, and the lighting giants have not. Really enter this market.


“At present, in the market with an annual output value of more than 200 billion yuan in China, there is not a loud lighting brand, which is an opportunity for start-up companies. In addition, although the world's more famous lighting companies are in the layout of digital applications, the layout of smart cities Lighting, such as landscapes, buildings, etc., does not focus on the layout of family scenarios, but the real big market in lighting is actually the home market. Moreover, smart lighting equipment often exists in the form of a single product and lacks a systematic solution.” Huang Xiaojun said .


Why smart lighting is not yet popular? Huang Xiaojun believes that first, smart LED products are not known, and market awareness is low. Second, products on the market today cannot provide simple and intelligent light control methods to meet people's needs. Most of the lights are not only single-colored and unadjustable, but smart is not convenient, and a small amount of intelligent lighting systems are expensive.


“Our original intention is to solve the market pain points in the lighting industry and took the lead in putting forward a system-level intelligent lighting solution.” Huang Xiaojun said that he hopes to open the barrier between electric light and intelligent control, and proposes an intelligent lighting system that is easy to use and has a cost performance.


Focus on home lighting scenarios


"Our current main business is smart home lighting, and we will extend it to other areas after we do it." Huang Xiaojun told reporters that we are more concerned with the innovation of market products and the needs of customers.


Huang Xiaojun is very optimistic about the development prospects of smart homes. "The future development of smart home depends on two aspects. One is that smart homes should provide value for customers, customers are willing to use them, and more and more people use them. Second, smart home entrances are actually diversified, and smart home lighting can also become Entrance, but the ultimate goal is to make life simple and practical."


Huang Xiaojun told reporters, "Intelligent lighting equipment can enter thousands of households without barriers, and has the advantage of being widely distributed, involving many nodes, and high frequency of use in space."


However, at present, the smart lighting application market focuses on public lighting represented by street lamps and some commercial lighting applications. The application of home lighting is still very limited, but it is also accelerating into thousands of households.


“We are cooperating with a number of real estate companies such as Evergrande Real Estate, China Communications Real Estate, and Zhongliang Real Estate to seek opportunities for brand exposure. This is also the best opportunity to showcase the brand,” said Huang Xiaojun.


In fact, in smart lighting, lighting is only part of the more important is the intelligent control platform.


Huang Xiaojun said, "At present, most smart lighting products in the market are still entry-level, and a truly complete solution for intelligent lighting can only be an integrated solution of hardware and software. This solution must also satisfy the combination of multiple lamps, light sources, and switches. The control system needs large-scale networking, and lighting equipment in the entire space can be controlled centrally.


It is understood that Tuning Technology is a software and hardware integration company. The current smart lighting products consist of super switches, super lamps, wireless switches, and APPs. The wireless communication protocol of Zigbee+WIFI can be used to dynamically network and control at the same time. 2000 lights. The super light in this mode reshapes the interaction of human lights through the concept of “simple intelligence”, allowing interaction between the user and the electric light, as well as allowing communication between the electric light and the electric light.


“We aim at family segments lighting this segment of market, hoping to increase the market share of tactical technology, and quickly accumulate our user base, and in the next year we will take the top spot in the field of family lighting in China and complete the listing in 2019. Plan.” This is Huang Xiaojun’s development plan for modulating technology.


Should focus on branding


“At present, in the field of lighting, because the industry is more traditional and less innovative, the awareness of the brand is relatively low, but with the rise of the new domestic product movement, the industry’s brand awareness and brand ability are continuously enhanced, and the emergence of the brand Need a gradual process." Huang Xiaojun believes that the lighting industry's brand needs innovative companies to join.


In Huang Xiaojun's opinion, the brand contains two aspects: one is popularity and the other is reputation. The core of brand building is based on the low price and high quality of the product, and it must be a lasting and steady process.


In the face of a huge market, international companies have entered the field of smart lighting, compared with the internationally renowned lighting companies Philips, GE, Osram, etc., many domestic brands still have a big gap, lack of brand concept.


In this regard, Huang Xiaojun believes that many companies enter the smart lighting, indicating that the industry has a lot of room for development and has great market potential. In China, establishing a low-cost and durable product is the core strategy of the brand.


At present, Tuning Technology has introduced 14 light sources, including downlights, spotlights, bamboo bulbs, bulbs, wall washers, and soft light strips, as well as independent physical switches.


Huang Xiaojun said that in terms of light sources, the primary intelligent lighting products are only the fluorescent light panels and white light panels, and Philips only has bulbs, spotlights, soft light strips and ceiling lamps, and the tune-up technology is rich in categories and contains a complete control module. And it is to provide system-level intelligent lighting solutions.

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