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All-in-one industrial outdoor lighting module lens ~ For details, click me! Light.

All-in-one industrial outdoor lighting module lens ~ For details, click me! Light.

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2020/04/27 15:39
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During the epidemic, please wash your hands more, open more windows in the room, and ventilate more. It is forbidden to gather together, do self-protection, care for hygiene, and care for life.


Only fight for the day and night, and live up to Shaohua. Hengzheng Optics takes you into the world of light and appreciates the charm of light! Unique optical design, ingeniously create every beam of light!


Hengzheng Optics has released a new product. A new 12-in-1 multi-in-one lens with 3030 lamp beads is on the market! In the follow-up, all-in-one lenses with 8-in-1, 6-in-1 matching 5050 lamp beads will be launched one after another.



The scope of application covers industrial lighting, outdoor street lights, tunnel lights, flood lights, etc.


The detailed parameters are as follows ↓↓↓



The key point is that there are many products of this structure on the market. After the whole lamp is added with glass, the light distribution is difficult to achieve the TYPE Ⅱ and TYPE Ⅲ light types required by customers. However, according to the design requirements of our products, the whole lamp plus glass test can basically achieve the light distribution that the customer meets.








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