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Forbes released the list of global billionaires in 2018. Which LED people are on the list?

Forbes released the list of global billionaires in 2018. Which LED people are on the list?

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2018/03/14 14:49
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On the 6th, Forbes released the list of global billionaires in 2018. The total number of rich people on the list was 2,208 (2,043 in 2017) and the average net wealth was 4.1 billion US dollars, a record high.


From the list of the richest people, the United States has the largest number of richest people, with 585 people; followed by mainland China, Hong Kong, China, Macao and Taiwan, a total of 476 people. In addition, there are 123 people in Germany, 119 in India and 102 in Russia.


The list shows that one hundred billion dollar worth of Jeff Bezos became the richest man for the first time; Bill Gates, who had 18 aspirations, ranked second this year; stockholder Warren Buffett fell to third place. In addition, Ma Huateng ranked 17th in the list, Ma Yun ranked 20th, Li Ka-shing ranked 23rd.


LEDinside editors view the complete list and found that there are 4 industries in which the listed tycoons are engaged in LED/lighting related, namely Sanan Electronic Lin Xiucheng and family, Op lighting Ma Xiuhui, Op lighting Wang Yaohai and Mu Linsen Sun Qinghuan.


Lin Xiucheng and his family with a wealth of 5.4 billion U.S. dollars According to the 351th position in the list, Ops Lightings Ma Xiuhui and Wang Yaohai ranked 1394 and 1477 respectively with a wealth of 1.7 billion U.S. dollars and 1.6 billion U.S. dollars. Sun Qinghuan ranked 1756 with a wealth of 1.3 billion U.S. dollars. .


The production of the Forbes Global Billionaires List is based on the wealth of February 9, 2018, calculated using the stock prices and exchange rates of the day. The list lists individuals rather than multigenerational families who share huge wealth. In some cases, if the division of wealth between siblings and couples is not clear, they will join the list together, but each person must still have at least $1 billion in wealth on average to be included in the list.

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