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What is the proper storage method for precision optical lenses?

Time: 2024-06-19    Author: 衡正光学    Source: 本站    Views: 3

Precision optical components known as precision optical lenses have been widely used in many scenarios in modern society in recent years, and the increasing number of application scenarios and brand types have led to users of precision optical lenses starting to face the problem of storage. Relevant statistics have confirmed that if the storage of precision optical lenses can not be operated in accordance with the correct method may affect its precision optical performance, so what is the correct storage method of reliable precision optical lenses?

Storage method one, placed in the special lens packaging inside

Regardless of what type of goods at the time of purchase have the corresponding outer packaging, for those high-end items with good precision and even matching inner packaging, precision optical lenses in the factory at the beginning of the same configuration has the corresponding packaging. Purchase and use of precision optical lenses in the precision optical lens storage enterprises must protect the various important parts, especially the lens and lens parts should be more carefully cared for, and at the same time should also be stored in these important parts of the special box inside.

Storage method two, will be more than one lens separate storage

Precision optical lenses and ordinary optical devices are similar but not completely similar, which in the storage principle above the two are not too obvious difference. A large part of the users face idle down precision optical lens are accustomed to stacked together to play the role of space saving, do not know such as multiple lenses stacked together will increase the probability of wear and tear between the lenses, once the lens is more serious by the wear and tear may affect the stability of the imaging effect of the lens.

The introduction of the correct storage method for precision optical lenses will be carried out here for the time being. Every enterprise that purchases and introduces professional precision optical lens components is necessary to know these correct storage methods, and in the actual storage process of precision optical lenses should be strictly in accordance with these methods to operate.

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