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Fresnel lenses in LED floodlights

Time: 2024-06-19    Author: 衡正光学    Source: 本站    Views: 3

I. Applications

Typically, Fresnel lenses are spherical surface shapes cut in order to minimize image optical aberration during imaging. The lens is better able to calibrate an ideal point light source into a parallel light source. In real life, no light source is a true point source, however solid state emitters such as LEDs are very small and therefore can be used as a point source as long as the distance between the lens and the LED is appropriate. Thus the Fresnel lens is able to calibrate the LED output light as parallel light. Traditional incandescent light sources, on the other hand, generate a lot of radiant heat, which limits the use of plastic optical materials in very close proximity to the light source. Since most of the heat generated by LEDs is conductive, it is easier to apply plastic optical lenses. When it is necessary to calibrate the beam source of an LED emitter to a wider angular range, the most common practice is to use a reflector in combination with a Fresnel lens to reduce the amount of optics used. Fresnel lenses are used in LED light distribution to increase luminous efficacy and brightness. Relative to the same lens and LED lights, different focal lengths, different distances, can be set arbitrarily out of the light angle, a single lamp or multiple arrays of LED lights can be designed according to demand. Now widely used in LED floodlights, colorful floodlights, lighting, landscape lights, signal lights, and a variety of lamps and lanterns.


1, the use of high precision original mold, product precision, good quality.

2、Products with ultra-thin structure, oversized size, ultra-light weight.

3, The shape of the product can be cut arbitrarily to meet the nuances of different products for different customers.

III. Summarize.

Fresnel lenses, compared with traditional lenses, have the advantages of large area, light weight, relatively low price, lightweight and easy to carry, etc. It is a very widely used optical component, whose design and manufacture involves a number of technical fields, including optical engineering, polymer materials engineering, CNC machining, diamond turning process, nickel-plating process; molding, injection molding, casting and other manufacturing processes. Therefore, the design, development and production of large-scale, high-precision Fresnel lenses have become the main direction of technical development for domestic and foreign production sectors.

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