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The professional performance of the floodlight lens is reflected in what areas

Time: 2024-06-19    Author: 衡正光学    Source: 本站    Views: 3

Undeniably, the invention of electricity has pushed the progress of human civilization, then the products for the application of electricity is a boost to civilization, constantly enriching the human experience of electricity. When choosing professional floodlight lens, you can feel the power and from science and technology. And the floodlight lens as a professional light-emitting bright tool, for professionals, from which design can reflect the professionalism of the product?

First, have a detailed modeling design

Floodlight lens manufacturers in the production of the product will be careful cutting role, so that the surface of the floodlight lens according to high-precision aspheric photometric design, multi-angled cut. Make its design meet the aesthetic requirements, can achieve the decorative effect. And it can penetrate and refract the light, so that the refracted light of the floodlight lens is more gentle.

Second, fine product materials

The quality of the product depends largely on the material from which the product is made, which is composed of a common lens, which is professionally aspherical mirror polished to make the light spot more uniform and the light transmittance a little higher. Also uses high-quality silicone material, high temperature resistance, in line with the strict national environmental requirements, to ensure the safety and environmental protection in use, can be directly applied in the floodlight lens.

Third, exquisite light and shadow technology

As a lighting product used for lighting and decoration, the important role of the floodlight lens is to project and reflect light professionally to achieve the purpose of lighting and decoration. Therefore, in the design of the floodlight lens, the focusing of the reflected light and the precision of the beam should be considered, and the light adjustment part inside the floodlight lens should also be designed so as to better utilize its efficacy.

Professionally designed surface shapes and types can facilitate the concentration and dispersion of light to achieve different effects in different occasions. Environmentally friendly certified materials can ensure the safety and environmental performance of the product in use, giving the floodlight lens a professional quality assurance. Moreover, it adopts professional light and shadow technology, and uses the design of detail parts to realize the proficiency of light and shadow technology to promote the usability of the product.

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