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Three key features of floodlight lens manufacturers

Time: 2024-06-19    Author: 衡正光学    Source: 本站    Views: 3

Because the floodlight lens has high precision, high light transmittance and good permeability as well as the obvious characteristics of the matching function, it is because of these obvious characteristics, so the good quality and low price of the floodlight lens has more applicable scenarios, so that it can be in more areas to play its unexpected powerful role.

In daily life and industrial production, lamps as a more common lighting tools, is often used in people's daily life to the equipment. Especially reliable floodlight lens because of its obvious characteristics and significant role, so more people are familiar with and use, then, what are the main features of the floodlight lens?

1、High precision

Floodlight lens is through high-precision and aspheric optical design, the use of original imported optical-grade raw materials for production, and the temperature range is very high, due to the production process is more stringent, but also, the product control is more stringent, so the product meets the requirements of the ROHS environmental protection, so its precision is very high.

2, high light transmission

As we all know, the floodlight lens is made of a single small lens, and belongs to the secondary lens, with very good polishing technology, professional and aspheric mirror polishing, so that its surface, spot uniformity, good light transmission, can penetrate most of the light, so in the many floodlight lens, the value for money floodlight lens is commonly used lens style, and can be matched with many high-power high power lamps, and, the product control is more, so the product meets the ROHS environmental protection, so its precision is very high.

3, can match a variety of high-power led

In which the floodlight lens is also an important feature is a high degree of matching, can match a variety of different functions of high-power led floodlights, whether it is to match, which style, which power ID floodlights, Xugong, Dongguan Junyuan no astigmatism phenomenon, there is no shadow, there is no black spot.

4, good adaptability

Whether it is used indoors, or outdoors using LED flood light lens, can achieve the desired effect, even when the outdoor environment is more severe, it can better withstand high and low temperatures, anti-yellowing performance is excellent, so its use of the temperature is almost no limit.

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