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What is the best material for the optical lens of high power wall washer light?

Time: 2024-06-11    Author: 超级管理员    Source: 本站    Views: 7

We know that the LED optical lens is generally divided into "primary lens" and "secondary lens" points. Outdoor lighting fixtures manufacturers often say "lens" is mostly referred to with the light source outside the connection of the "secondary lens". The primary lens actually means the light source itself, we focus on the following: "secondary lens" referred to as: "lens".

Common lenses are made of the following materials:

(1) Silicone lens: small volume silicone lens with high heat resistance, can be reflow soldering so it is commonly used in the LED packaging industry.

(2) PMMA lens: PMMA lens is what we say today, high-power wall washer light commonly used lens, also known as the industry: "acrylic optical lens", its main feature is the light transmission performance can reach more than 90%, relative to the silicone lens temperature resistance is slightly weaker, the operating temperature can not be more than 80 degrees Celsius.

(3) PC lens: the same is an optical lens PC lens its light transmission performance is slightly lower than the PMMA lens 10% or so, but its thermal temperature is higher than the PMMA lens more than 45%.

(4) glass lens: glass lens can be said to be one of the highest price of the above types of lenses, because the production of such lenses in the equipment price is quite high, although the light transmission performance can reach more than 97%, but we all know that the glass material is a fragile material, so the market is very little use of glass lens as a lighting lamps and lanterns of the optical lens.

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