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Introduction to COB light pattern improvement programme

Time: 2024-06-11    Author: 超级管理员    Source: 本站    Views: 6

With the release of LED product capacity, the price drop significantly, while product performance continues to improve and perfect, cost-effective LED has become our first choice for all types of lighting, energy efficient and other advantages recognised by the market.

Throughout the LED status quo, product homogenisation is serious, iconic technological breakthroughs are few and far between. From government subsidies to chip production capacity release, cost-effective encapsulation material localization, encapsulation equipment expansion and efficiency enhancement, large and small lamps and lanterns factory labour-intensive processing, etc., through the 5 ~ 10 years or so explosive growth in production capacity, LED has been turned from the original high semiconductor industry into today's very traditional lighting industry, LED enterprises seem to have been difficult to perform, sales channels to develop inputs, to better meet the customer's needs, expanding market share has become a major challenge. Sales channel development investment, to better meet customer demand, expand market share has become the LED manufacturers to play, while looking for differentiation into the survival of the LED manufacturers.

The same party photoelectric focus on COB product design, research and development, focus on COB production process continues to improve, materials continue to optimise, COB has become the company's main products, product performance by the industry generally accepted. With the gradual increase in customer demand for light quality, product light colour, light type effect will be raised to a considerable height. We would like to talk about the COB product light type improvement programme. The following picture is a typical case of the company's recent light pattern improvement:

COB lamp beads are mainly used for downlights, bulbs, wall lamps, PAR lamps, ceiling lamps, spotlights, table lamps, etc., at present, the common problem in the industry is that the finished lamps and lanterns have serious light spots, yellow spots, yellow circles, blue core, dark areas, uneven light patterns and other issues, most customers can only reluctantly accept.

The main reason for the light spot problem is the COB lamp beads and lamps lens (reflector) there are matching problems: 1. lamp bead design is unreasonable, larger light-emitting surface to do small wattage products, the number of chips is small, uneven arrangement, the existence of the dark zone; 2. lens (reflector) the secondary optical design is unreasonable, can not be issued by the lamp bead light for uniform export (lens problem is not discussed).

Initial solutions to improve the light pattern of the lamp beads:

In the current competitive environment of the industry, doubling the cost of lamp beads is an undesirable programme, simple repetition of the test will also consume a lot of manpower and material resources. A large number of cold and thermal shock experiments have proved that the gold wire is too long, the risk of death is greater, poor stability of the welding line, the line arc shape deviation from the relevant technical indicators. So in the related product design first to ensure the stability of the lamp bead, followed by taking into account the design of the product light type, but this programme has not been able to meet the market demand for light quality. Is not there a more perfect solution?

I. Improvement of the light pattern of the main product.

Neglect the length of the gold wire for the time being (according to the light effect of the appropriate increase in the number of chips), through a reasonable chip arrangement with the customer's secondary optical lens (reflector), to complete the best light effect. This solution has long gold line, unreasonable product design, potential failure, and cannot be mass-produced.

II. Perfect combination of flip-fit bracket and front mounting solution

 Design of the new bracket flip-fit, the specific requirements are as follows: 1. bracket size and light-emitting surface and the front mounted bracket to match; 2. flip-fit chip pad position and the front chip position overlap. That is, the chip arrangement of the flip-flop product duplicates the arrangement of the genuine chip. Formed flip-flop finished product light type uniformity, no obvious yellow circle, dark area, with a simpler and faster way to solve the product light type of multi-programme experiments, save time, improve the cost is low. However, this solution is limited to stable customer orders, if the customer replaces the lamps, may need to re-customise the new board.

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