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Intelligent lighting driver power supply first

Time: 2024-06-11    Author: 超级管理员    Source: 本站    Views: 4

As the core driving force of LED intelligent lighting, has been the development of LED driver power technology products directly affect the popularity of LED intelligent lighting and mass.

LED lighting because of its unique electronic properties, carrying the value of other lighting fixtures do not have. Whether it is in terms of energy savings, or light efficiency life, are LED lighting by the market and government welcome factors. What's more, in Germany proposed "industry 4.0", China proposed "made in China 2025" and other concepts to achieve the process, the LED industry has considerable potential.

In fact, LED lighting in the industrial Internet and (big) data services in the huge potential has not yet been developed, is precisely the core of smart city innovation. To achieve lighting to enter the digital and intelligent era, intelligent driver IC and power supply is deservedly "vanguard force".

"Power supply is the key to achieve intelligent lighting." Sanxiong - Aurora brand centre manager Li Quan thinks so. This is also the consensus of many industry insiders.

However, in the intelligent lighting and even smart home hype today, the industry inside and outside the driver IC and power supply are not enough attention. (hereinafter referred to as "Torch Intelligence") founder and CEO Hu Jun is spot-on, "Many terminal lighting manufacturers have no concept of power supply."  "At present, the lighting manufacturers do not pay enough attention to the power supply." In the opinion of Yang Gong, R&D Engineer of Lanco Smart Power Supply, luminaire factories are still stuck at the price level, "Most of the luminaire factories are still just thinking about how to reduce the cost, and they don't spend enough thought on innovation and giving more added value to their products."

Although the market is full of talk about intelligent lighting, and even some lamps and lanterns plus ZigBee, WiFi, Dali and other interfaces known as intelligent, can through the switch or APP dimming and colour adjustment known as intelligent, but these so-called intelligent lighting, is it really is the true meaning of intelligence?

Hu Jun is quite disdainful of this, in his view, intelligent first to achieve automation. "The most important user experience is not good. Secondly, the interface is not compatible, to achieve intelligence is a great obstacle." In Hu Jun's view, only the LED power supply first standardisation, interface can be common, the market has openness, on this basis can then talk about intelligent. 

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