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Why LED headlight bi-optical lenses are not cheap?

Time: 2024-06-11    Author: 超级管理员    Source: 本站    Views: 8

lighting technology domestic is currently in the global leading position, so take our chengdu tianyi car light store products, such as mishi, gjie, osram, and philips. So let's cut to the chase and talk about it:

Now automotive lighting ushered in the era of led, many of us car owners are stupid, ready to follow the trend, also want to feel the charm of led headlight lens, but we go to the tuning store to find led headlight dual-light lens prices are higher, the general store also has a low price we dare not try for fear of quality problems, the confusion Chengdu Tianyi car light editor is very understandable After all, a penny a penny a good, the following by Chengdu Tianyi car light store products, such as Mishi, Grid, OSRAM, and Philips. The following small Chengdu Tianyi car lights to explain the specific reasons:

First, the technology and quality requirements are higher: for the emerging field of led automotive lighting, whether in production or R & D above, the quality and performance are more stringent, if to meet the offering standards, manufacturers need to pay a lot of effort, after all, this is a new product area it is different from the previous mature xenon lamp production technology.

Second, the higher cost of imported spare parts: we all know that led headlight lens is a one-piece, it is different from the xenon lamp is a bulk, one-piece modeling on the inside of the accessories, heat dissipation systems, chips, etc. have to rely on imports, we all know that a good product accessories from around the world, the purpose is to pursue the quality of the product, so that our users can rest assured that they are used.

Third, the production line of the updated iteration: as mentioned earlier, led automotive lighting is an emerging technology products, its production line is not as mature as the xenon lamp production line, a lot of technology has to go through research and development, testing to ensure product quality stability.

Fourth, the heat dissipation system: LED components are more sensitive to temperature changes, if the junction temperature (LED PN junction temperature, PN junction that is the source of LED light) is high, then the LED light-emitting properties will be reduced, so the LED headlamps on the heat dissipation of the higher requirements, the need for good thermal design to ensure that the temperature of the LED components is stable. Take our Chengdu Tianyi car lights Mishi poly bright version, LED components are installed at the back of the cooling fan this cooling fan providers are from Delta, AVC is one of the world's top three suppliers, which is currently the ordinary halogen headlights and xenon lamps do not have.

Fifth, the store product selection: the general large-scale tuning store for the product and brand partners to choose especially careful, unlike some small auto repair, tuning store in the third-party wholesalers into some of the unreliable quality, brand effect of low, low-priced products to install, this product although the price is low, but the quality of the belief that we all understand. After all, our car is to change the lights for the safety of the night to see more clearly, if after upgrading the lights effect is more scattered often out of the question, that is not a counterproductive spend money to find a crime!

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